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Placing an Order
While we do not have an online "shopping cart" available at this time, you can easily place an order via telephone, fax, or email. We accept many forms of payment, including Visa and Mastercard. Please read the information below to learn more details on placing an order. Also, please visit our Contact Us page to see our business hours and general contact information.

Information Needed When Placing Orders
We try our hardest to make sure that placing an order is a simple and pleasant process for our customers. By having your customer name and account number ready, we will be able to verify your account information more readily. Also, please take special care when ordering to specify BOTH THE CATALOG NUMBER AND PRODUCT DESCRIPTION along with the size and quantity required. This redundancy can prevent delays and errors in processing your order. Please take the time to read our policies and terms before placing an order.

Order By Phone: Toll Free 1-800-443-8465
We love to speak with our customers! In a quickly-evolving technological world, we understand the convenience of ordering online. But we also recognize the value of keeping in touch personally. If you would like to speak to our customer service department, feel free to call us; you will speak to a helpful, friendly person during business hours. We will be happy to give you a price quote or take your order right over the phone. After business hours you may leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Order By Fax: 870) 389-6604
Still like the ease of fax machines? Fax us your purchase order or request for quotation and we will send you a confirmation or a reply within 24 business hours.

Order By Email:
The convenience of email is hard to beat -- it's fast, it's easy, and it goes right to our Customer Service computers. For ease of mind, we do not divulge your email address or other contact information to any third party. Communicate with us at your convenience and avoid the hassle of missed phone calls.

New Customers
We are always happy to welcome new customers. Our products are sold only to established businesses and institutions. Orders from private individuals are not accepted. New customers will be assigned a Customer Account Number before their orders are processed. One way an account may be set up is with "Net 30" payment terms. This process involves a Credit Reference check and will require some additional information. Another fast and convenient way to set up an account is to pay with a credit card; this avoids the waiting period involved with credit checks. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about setting up an account.

Policies & Terms
Please be sure to read our Policies & Terms page if you are a new customer or you are not familiar with our regulations.

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Would you like the convenience of an online "shopping cart"? Send us an email and tell us your thoughts.