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Quality Assurance & Traceability
We know Biopharm customers expect excellent and consistent product quality. Our Quality Assurance program includes written standard operating procedures and documented traceability to NIST reference materials. Listed below are some examples of our quality assurance documentation and procedures.

Conductivity Standards
Measurement of the electrical conductivity of an aqueous solution is a quick, easy, and practical way to gain information about that solution. Whether monitoring natural water for its total dissolved solids (TDS) or measuring a sophisticated pharmaceutical preparation, conductivity measurement is a widely used technique. A general discussion of the technology may be found in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater and other places.

Biopharm has manufactured conductivity standards since 1977. Our experience has led to many improvements in our products and production techniques during this time. We now have a dedicated conductivity lab where all of our standards are made in a rigidly controlled environment. Written standard operating procedures (SOPs) are used to calibrate our conductivity instrumentation using NIST standard reference materials. We use instruments and contact type dip cells manufactured by Yellow Springs Instrument Co., Inc. Temperature measurements and calibrations are traceable to NIST by way of ERTCO ASTM 63C-FC thermometers (0.1 degree graduations), and our balances are calibrated to NVLAP standards.

Our finished conductivity standards are filtered through a 0.2 micron filter to minimize bioburden. Each final container/bottle is rinsed with product at the time of fill. Bottles used to package standards of less than 20 μMho/cm undergo a "leaching" process to improve shelf life. A conservative Expiration Date is given to each lot based upon documented shelf-life studies.

Biopharm Inc. manufactures a wide range of conductivity values so that you can calibrate your equipment near the
value(s) at which you operate. We probably have a standard value close to your needs; if not, we will make exactly the value you need.
Call us today with your requirements!

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pH Reference Buffers
Biopharm manufactures several different pH reference Buffer standards. We have the traditional color-coded products as well as many custom formulations. These products are calibrated against NIST Standard Reference Materials to give you the precision and traceability you need.

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Laboratory Chemicals
Biopharm can supply you with many of the reagent chemicals commonly used in the laboratory. Since we use many of these reagents ourselves in manufacturing, we are able to resell them to you at competitive prices. These items are listed alphabetically in our catalog along with our solution products. If you need something not listed, please ask us about it. We're adding new items all the time.

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Water Testing Standards and Analytical Solutions
Biopharm makes many different kinds of water testing solutions in varying concentrations. They are manufactured and standardized according to standard operating procedures using high-accuracy equipment, ensuring reliability in your analytical results. We are likely to have the right chemical in an appropriate concentration to fit your needs; if not, we can manufacture custom products specifically for you.

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Industrial Solutions
Some companies use solutions in a manufacturing process rather than for test purposes. An example would be etching, cleaning, or applying a coating to some part. We are solutions specialists! Call us to discuss how we can help you.

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