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Disodium Salt, Dihydrate, Reagent, A.C.S.
Biopharm Product Number BE2010Y

List Price: $48.00/lb     Sale Price: $35.00/lb.

This product is widely used in the analysis of water hardness, as well as in many other chelometric titrations. Biopharm is offering this product at a discount price for a limited time only. We hope that this special will remind current and potential customers that Biopharm provides both quality laboratory solutions and raw material chemicals.

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Free Product Sample

We would like to introduce Biopharm Quality Laboratory Solutions and Chemicals to new customers. We are offering free samples of some of our products so that you may see how well our products will work in your application. Our goal is to earn your trust and confidence by consistently meeting or exceeding your expectations for quality and service.

Select one of the products listed below and contact us to receive your free sample. For samples of products other than those listed please, contact our sales department.

This is a limited time offer. Limit one sample per customer please. Availability limited to the contiguous United States and other select areas.

  • BB4045P
Buffer Reference Solution pH 4.00 @ 20蚓 (Color-Coded Red)
  • BB4040P
Buffer Reference Solution pH 7.00 @ 20蚓 (Color-Coded Blue)
  • BB4035P 
Buffer Reference Solution pH 10.00 @ 20蚓 (Color-Coded Green)
  • BC4093 
Combination Total Hardness Buffer Indicator Powder
  • BC4095P-200 
Conductivity Standard 200 然ho/cm
  • BC4095P-720 
Conductivity Standard 720 然ho/cm
  • BC4095P-2000 
Conductivity Standard 2,000 然ho/cm
  • BC4095P-6680 
Conductivity Standard 6,680 然ho/cm
  • BC4095P-20000 
Conductivity Standard 20,000 然ho/cm
  • BC4095P-58650 
Conductivity Standard 58,650 然ho/cm
  • BC4095P-175000 
Conductivity Standard 175,000 然ho/cm
  • BE4610 
E.D.T.A. 1 ml = 1 mg CaCO3 (for Water Hardness Titration)
  • BE4122 
E.D.T.A. 0.100 Molar
  • BS4570 
Sulfuric Acid 0.020 Normal (for APHA Alkalinity)

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